EPIC is a collaborative project partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund. University of Plymouth and partners aim to improve the use of e-health in Cornwall.  The aim is to improve the use of technology in both health and social care, hoping:• To improve health and wellbeing of people in Cornwall • And improve the Cornish economy in this sector. The EPIC project started in May 2017 for three years.

This is a project which covers the whole health sector, and the EPIC team is hoping to involve Care Home Owners, Homecare Providers, Care Staff, Relatives and Customers to join the EPIC team to identify  ‘problems’ in health and social care that have possible technology solutions.

The EPIC team will work to develop ideas and – if appropriate – apply to a Challenge Fund, to support individual projects. Creative England will work with the digital and technology sector, supporting them to enter the health and social care market, to match and support them working with clinician and patient groups. From this process EPIC will identify new products or services that can be supplied from Cornwall both to Cornwall and to the rest of the UK or internationally.

The University of Plymouth will organise 10 half-day workshops across Cornwall.  For more details about the workshops, contact Katie Edwards on Katie.edwards@plymouth.ac.uk or 07432155243 and for further details about the project, visit the EPIC website.