Winter Workforce Wellbeing

autumn leaf

As the weather is turning, and the evenings are getting darker, individuals’ mental health can often take a turn for the worse as well. And with a global pandemic still in progress, and the likelihood of restrictions continuing into the spring, it can be difficult to find a ‘bright side’ sometimes.

We know that many people who are working or volunteering with the VCSE sector are still working tirelessly to support the people of Cornwall, and the need isn’t going away. Many of you haven’t taken a break, since March, or even before that.

As Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum, part of our remit is to support the voluntary sector in Cornwall, and we believe that this includes supporting the mental health of every individual in the sector, and helping ensure that you don’t burn out, drop out, or sustain lasting damage to yourselves at this time.

We will be sharing mental health resources, creative activities, support and help for people in the sector, under the heading of ‘Winter Workforce Wellbeing’, across the coming months.

We’re in this with you.
We’re here to help.
We’re stronger together.

Mental health resources elsewhere on our website

Outdoor activities, including resources from Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Eden Project, Sensory Trust, National Trust and more.

New ideas from our newsletter

Walking for wellbeing – 18 December

Walking is great for physical and mental health. Check out some suggestions for local walks, and 2 charities encouraging walking.

Christmas lights and activities – 16 December

If you’re missing the Mousehole lights, try taking a drive or a walk round your local area instead. Or see our list of organisations which have Christmas events that you can visit safely.

Virtual Village Hall – 10 December

The Royal Voluntary Service is running a virtual village hall, with dozens of different FREE online classes – baking, flower arranging, Zumba, writing, singing – and so much more.

Creativity in Isolation – 4 December

The MARCH network has drawn up a long list of creative initiatives that are home-based, and will help support mental health.

Advent-ure Calendar – 2 December

Cornwall Outdoors has produced an Advent-ure Calendar, with 31 fun and exciting outdoor activities, for every day of December. We’re sure it’ll be good for you!

Online culture– 30 November

Attending live theatre, concerts, opera or ballet is not possible right now, but there’s a huge range of amazing performances available online, so why not dig out your posh togs and have yourself a personal concert?

Winter Wellbeing Weekend – 26 November

Join Wild Wonder and Wisdom CIC for a Winter Wellness Weekend from 4-6 December. There are a huge range of activities, experiences and challenges, online and in the outdoors, so get involved!

How is my Mental Health – webinar – 24 November

A mental health webinar on 26 November from Why Sports, looking at exercise and mental health, and giving attendees advice and tools to to understand, manage and open up about our feelings.

Ways to make working from home cheerier – 23 November

Tips to make working from home work for you.

Promoting mental health awareness in your organisation webinar – 18 November

A Skills Network webinar about how to promote effective mental health awareness in your organisation. Attend on 3 December, or receive the recording later if you can’t make the time.

National Kindness Day – 13 November

Today is World Kindness Day – what could you do that’s not your usual work or volunteering, but a random act of kindness to make someone else smile?
It’ll make you feel good too!

Sleep tricks – 10 November

Sleep tips to help you calm your mind, and reduce stress.

Mental Health apps – 5 November

A useful article discussing and recommending mental health apps for mobile phones. Mindfulness, therapy, AI therapists – what could help you?

How to – creating your body’s feel-good chemicals – 30 October

Handy hints to help you help your body to create natural feel-good chemicals. And they’re all things you can do without breaking the rule-of-six, and mostly in your own home!

Physical Postcards from Dance Centred – 26 October

Keep active this winter with Dance Centred’s Physical Postcards, providing activities that can be enjoyed by anyone, to boost energy levels, and increase serotonin.

Music for Mental Health – 20 October

Unique event from Playlist for Life helping VSF Members with Winter Workforce Wellbeing, by creating playlists that will help individual staff members and volunteers. Find out how, share with your staff, boost everyone’s mood.

Go and hang out at Eden – 15 October

The Eden Project biomes

Take a slow stroll around the Eden Project, and explore what’s new and what’s grown – with fewer people than normal.

Autumn Seed Search – 9 October

pair of acorns with oak leaves

Get your wellies on and take part in the Autumn Seed Search, to grow trees for the Forest for Cornwall.

Free exercise online – 7 October

Find exercises to suit you and help improve your mood, without needing waterproofs!