Initially, we were all impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our community’s response to it has made Cornwall proud. We posted about the changes to restrictions, which are due to come in on Monday 19 July. The virus has forced us to become aware of our own behaviour and its impact on the collective, on the system. Many people leading organisations in Cornwall radiate presence, compassion, and grounded action confidence. What part do you play in Covid recovery?

What changes can we expect?

The main changes are going to affect everyone and you will have a choice in how to behave. We believe thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion must be at the fore when coming out of this pandemic. What this means is we are all faced with a choice. Do we act from ego or ecosystem thinking? When asked what part do you play in Covid recovery, allow your answer to be a kind one.

For the community sector, the biggest impact we envisage is the end of furlough. This may increase demands on all of our services. Lifting many restrictions will allow people more freedom. This also means many organisations and businesses will be reopening. Sadly, it may mean companies realising they need to make redundancies. Our residents may be more reliant on food support than previously.

What part do you play in Covid recovery?

With many people who were previously ‘shielding’ now not needing to, we foresee some anxiety about returning to ‘normal’. We should remain cautious of personal space out of respect for those clinically extremely vulnerable people. This is a part of ‘presencing’: of being present and aware of those around us. Staying curious and operating from a place of empathy. Although face masks and social distancing will not be compulsory, some travel operators will insist on them. This indicates that we are far from over the pandemic.