A few news items around waste, recycling and climate change, to start the New Year.

Cornwall’s waste contract awarded

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet recently agreed to offer a new waste collection (rubbish and recycling) and street cleansing contract to Biffa, starting on 3 October 2020, to run for 8 years with an option to extend for a further 2.

There will be a new fleet of collection vehicles, as well as wheeled-bins and food waste collection, with a weekly separate collection of food waste, and fortnightly recycling and rubbish collections. From summer 2021 in a special campaign every household will hear from the Council about their own role in this recycling revolution.

At present, Cornwall recycles only 38% of our waste, and it is hoped that the new arrangements, plus the new campaign, will raise these levels to over 50%.


Tackling climate change denial by app

New app to look at climate change and misinformation tactics is being crowdfunded, with just a small amount remaining to raise, before the game can go into full, multi-lingual production.  The mew game will explain common science denial techniques, including fake experts, logical fallacies and cherry-picking data to equip players with the skills to spot inaccuracies in the real world, and online. Called the Cranky Uncle app, after the stereotypical climate change denial figure at the centre of the game, the idea comes from John Cook, who is a research assistant at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University. Cook also founded the popular climate blog Skeptical Science, if you are looking for more information around this issue.

It is planned that the game will be available in classrooms and to the general public around the world, for free. Using gameplay elements such as interactive quizzes and reward feedback, players will be engaged and encouraged deeper into the game — the longer they play, the more they learn and the more resilient they become against climate misinformation.

The first step will be a free iPhone version of the game in English. From there, any extra funds will be used to create an Android version, then multi-lingual versions, then P2P versions and so on.

You can read more about it on the Guardian website, and look at the Cranky Uncle website, and see the CrowdFunder’s progress.


Water-saving products available

South West Water has a series of water-saving products available to householders and businesses, to help save water.

You can order a regulated shower head, a 4-minute shower timer, a 2-minute tooth-brushing timer, and a leaflet, all for free, as well as a hippo cistern bag, which is currently out of stock.

Various other products are available, for a charge, from water buts to reminder stickers.

Find out more on the South West Water website.