This mental health awareness week focuses on time in nature. Cornwall VSF has collaborated with some of our members to create the event to explore how the ocean can benefit mental health and wellbeing. Here we look at whether volunteering in nature is the ultimate feel good! Firstly, we know that increasing research into the effects of blue and green spaces on mental health suggest it is remedial. Secondly, there is a growing number of people who have responded to Covid-19 restrictions by getting out more. And thirdly we know how good volunteering makes you feel.

Volunteering in nature in Cornwall

In Cornwall, we are blessed with 422 miles of coastline. For most people living in Cornwall, there is not far to go before finding a green or blue space. Many of our volunteering organisations and groups work to keep these spaces clean and loved. Taking good care of these spaces through volunteers perpetuates taking care of these spaces. To find a list of organisations who provide outside opportunities, see below.

Volunteering in nature freestyle

The good news is that you do not even have to do this in an official capacity. We are always happy to support all member organisations find more people. And the people behind Plastic Free Falmouth, Beach Guardian and the many other environmental charities say small acts lead to bigger acts. So, if you are motivated to get outside, take a litter picker with you. If you enjoy the beach, why not help to keep it clean?

VCSE organisations working green and blue in Cornwall

Within our membership, there are 43 organisations listed as environmental charities in Cornwall. We have 114 listed as health and wellbeing charities. And we know of many such as The Wave Project, Surf Action (pictured) and Cornwall Mind, which fit into multiple categories. Volunteering in Cornwall is a way of life. To find an opportunity to work outside and reap the rewards of volunteering, please visit Cornwall Link or Volunteer Cornwall. We have some opportunities in our jobs pages too and we are happy to make links.