The past year has shown the voluntary sector in Cornwall and beyond a new way of working. Our Charity Search Tool teaches us that of the 545,300* residents living in Cornwall, 414,543 of them are volunteers. This means approximately 72% of Cornwall does some volunteering. Whilst some of these may come from outside the county, volunteering in Cornwall is a way of life. The charities listed in the search tool are registered. We know from looking at our membership that there are many small, grassroots community groups. These are also volunteer-run. They are not registered. So the total figure of volunteers in Cornwall is very high. Volunteers get involved in different projects that matter to them and their communities. The choices reflect their lifestyles, values and priorities. This means that a higher than average number of people in Cornwall are involved in the sector.

We are proud of the picture of volunteering in Cornwall. It is above the national average. Many villages would not function without the support of unpaid volunteers. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, community groups have worked together to take care of each other. They have shown empathy, compassion, love. This new way of working shows the strength and power people have. It also shows that collaboration and co-creation are effective ways to work.
This is at the heart of our alliance model.

Effecting change is all about harnessing people power. It is also about knowing when to adapt. There has never been a better time to create change.

We would like to hear from you. We want to showcase your stories of creating change. As members, you can access our news pages. You can add news, events and job listings. Let’s work together to harness this energy. Let’s create a stronger sector.

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