What is the VCS Emergencies Partnership?

The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (Emergencies Partnership, or VCS EP) recognises the crucial role that the voluntary sector plays, both nationally and locally, to support those in need. We also see the increasing demands made on the sector and are here as a safety net:

  • to boost and enhance support from national to VCS organisations, and to help raise the profile of grassroots organisations
  • to further strengthen coordination of national and local response efforts during emergencies
  • to provide a single access point between government and the voluntary and community sector.

Local links to national infrastructure

Each regional multi-agency cell is built on a network of ‘Liaison Leads’ drawn from local infrastructure. Your local infrastructure organisation can connect to the Liaison Leads, who can then draw on the Emergencies Partnership network and resources to support need in the local area.

As leaders of local charities and infrastructure organisations, the understanding they have of local needs and capacity is a key factor in the Emergencies Partnership being able to operate effectively.

Helen Boardman, CEO of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum is your local Liaison Lead.

We have put more in-depth information about the VCS EP elsewhere on our website, to help our Members to understand what it is, and how it will operate, both now, and in time of sudden crisis.

You can find that here.

The most recent item circulated by the CVS EP is around mental health, sharing national insights around gap analysis, capacity, demand, and how to target help to those areas most at risk.