Cornwall VSF has been running a stress test survey, aiming to find out the points at which the local VCSE sector is under real pressure, what the organisational needs are, where the worse of the need is in the local area, and what the future might bring in these areas.

We intend to use the information to influence funding decisions, and ensure that the support goes to where it is most needed, but we need more answers to help give a full picture, across Cornwall, and across the different sectors in which the voluntary sector operates.

Our survey in May

VSF carried out a state of the sector survey in May, to find out how the sector was coping with the height of the pandemic. This told us that, of the 143 organisations which responded:

  • 92% cancelled part of their usual service
  • 43% moved services online
  • 27% provided home delivery services
  • 78% have seen economic downturn
  • 41% couldn’t access government support
  • 25 organisations said they were only viable for 3 months.

Results so far in December

Partial results (after a week) show the following:

  • Over 80% of respondents have experienced some loss of income
  • 50% are reporting an increase in demand while all report their capacity diminished, or static
  • Over 80% are confident in their financial viability for at least 6 months, while the remainder are using their own money to support their organisations
  • Disadvantaged groups, such as older women, carers, and young people, are hardest hit
  • Loneliness is an issue almost across the board

The organisations themselves are wishing for:

  • Consistent funding is required to get upstream of the need
  • Advice to adapt their business and service delivery models

In order to get a full picture of what the level and particulars of the need is, we are keen for all organisations in the voluntary sector to take part. Please click here to access the survey, and thanks in advance for your time.