Another selection of useful information that might be applicable to everyone: Tax advice, research organisation, fundraising advice and what could you do with an old train carriage?

Tax guidance

GRIN shared a link to the website’s up-to-date tax guidance for charities, which has recently been refreshed.  It includes:

  • How to apply for recognition as a charity for tax purposes.
  • Gift Aid.
  • Payroll Giving.
  • Gifting land, building, shares and securities to charities.
  • Tax exemptions for charities.
  • Trading and business activities – basic principles.
  • Approved charitable investments and loans.
  • Claims and returns.

You can find the guidance on the website.

WestPoint Research

WestPoint research is a crime and social research organisation, based in Truro, which specialises in the kind of research that voluntary sector organisation might find interesting.

They have just launched a new website, explaining what their services are, and giving some great examples of project that they have carried out, for several Cornwall VSF Members.  They have also carried out work for VSF recently.

You can find out more on the WestPoint website.

Small charities’ fundraising

Again via GRIN, Lindsay Harrod wrote a blog which appeared in UK Fundraising, asking ‘How can small charities fund their fundraising edge?’

The NCVO Almanac estimated that 81% of the third sector’s income goes to the largest 4% of charities, leaving the rest to find what funds they can.  Lindsay’s blog explores what smaller charities can do to maximise their fundraising impact, and make their size a strength, rather than a liability.

You can read her points on the GRIN website. They are also promoting a fundraising conference tomorrow, as part of Small Charity Week, but it’s in London.

And what could you do with an old train carriage?

The Government has announced that old train carriages, the Pacer carriages that were commonly used in the North of England, are to be phased out.  The old rolling stock is to be offered in a competition to community and voluntary groups, for whatever they think they can use them for.  Suggestions so far have included community cafes or village halls, but they are open to innovative ideas – and it’s not clear exactly how many carriages are involved in the plans, at present.

Details will be published later in the year, but if you are interested and want to find out more, see the website, where there is an email address to use to be kept informed: