Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 June, there is more news around what can and cannot be done, by whom, and when, with regard to reopening, shielding, and social distancing.   We have collected the most relevant information for people in the voluntary sector, both in terms of resuming their normal business operations, and for the vulnerable people in our communities.

The full statement from the Prime Minister on 23 June can be read here, and the list of what can and cannot do before 4 July is here. The list of what is permitted after 4 July is here.

Social distancing for households

From 13 June – households with a single person (or solo parent with children) may form a support bubble with another household, with no social distancing, and permitted in each others’ homes.

No visiting inside people’s homes.

No staying overnight, except for work purposes, or, for example students changing their primary residence from University accommodation to their family home.

No groups of more than 6 meeting outside

From 4 July – any 2 households can meet, in any setting, following social distancing, but not more than 2 households (your support bubble counts as a single household)

The ‘2 metres rule’ will be relaxed, where it is not possible to observe it, to be ‘1 metre plus’, ie 1 metre of distance plus mitigation measures such as face masks and hand washing.

Groups more than 30 are still not permitted

People will be allowed to stay away from their homes overnight, including second homes, holiday accommodation and campsites, with appropriate safety measures in place


Shielding people

Can be part of a Support Bubble from 13 June, but take extra care.

Can meet others outside. Can receive care in their home, if necessary, as before.

From 6 July can meet people from different households, (up to 6 people) outdoors.

Can form a support bubble, and no longer need to observe social distancing at home.

Still need to be careful.

From 1 August shielding will be ceased

Therefore people can go back to work or school, as long as the place of work./education is COVID-safe (for children in the year-groups which are receiving face-to-face education)

People can go outside, and to shops & places of worship, maintaining social distancing

Very detailed information around the plan to ease shielding is here


Businesses allowed to open

From 15 June – shops, outdoor attractions, outdoor animal attractions, drive-in cinemas. NOT indoor gyms or attractions, or outdoor playgrounds

Outdoor sports are permitted, eg tennis.

From 4 July – restaurants, hairdressers and pubs will be allowed to open, with precautions in place

Also, outdoor gyms and playgrounds, museums, gardens, galleries, cinemas, libraries, theme parks, community centres and places of worship will be allowed to open. Indoor animal attractions will also be permitted.

Holiday accommodation will be allowed to open in England, for people from within England, with appropriate safety measures (other rules apply, and different dates, for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Still closed will be: soft play areas, swimming & water park facilities, indoor gyms, bowling alleys, night clubs, casinos, conference centres and spas.


PPE recommendations

From 15 June – Face masks on public transport.  (See exceptions to this in our news item)


Religious observances

Places of worship are allowed to open for individual prayer.

Funerals still restricted, and weddings are not permitted.

Restrictions for funerals are here – with attendees limited to household, close family members, close friends if there is no family or household, plus a celebrant if desired.

From 4 July, places of worship may open for services, and group prayer

Weddings are permitted, with only close family & friends invited, up to a maximum of 30 people.