We read with interest, the BBC article which contained data from Nationwide. The building society suggest we are spending more on charity, as restrictions have eased. We would love to find an organisation in Cornwall which can back this up.

UK spending more on charity

Within the data set, taken from Q1 of 2021, as well as holidays and food, Nationwide saw a surge in spedning on charities. This included both charity shops, which had reopened along with donations. We are always keen to understand the local picture on this. Do you have anything to report around this?

This report suggested a 16% increase in spending on charity. The British Heart Foundation took £1 million across its stores on the day shops reopened. Sales in charity shops are reported to be 5%-10% higher than two years ago.

Why are we spending more on charity?

“There was a lot of pent up demand that continued on,” said Robin Osterley,  Charity Retail Association’s chief executive.

We believe that lockdown made people reflect on what they really needed. We saw a surge in donations after house clearances. “It’s all part of people thinking: ‘There has to be a better way. We can’t go back to how we were [before the pandemic]’,” said Osterley. People who were in a financial position to make a choice were attracted by the sustainability aspect of buying from charity shops. They also liked the fact that their money was going to a good cause, he said.

With many people struggling financially, there was an increase in charity shopping.

If you have a charity shop/s and have a story locally to confirm this, please contact our team to let them know. We would love to come and film a case study. comms@cornwallvsf.org / 07990633615