The Charity Commission has issued new guidance for trustees, in the form of five 5-minute guides to cover a ‘core syllabus’ of basic information that will help trustees run their charities effectively.

These explain the fundamentals of:

The Commission has also updated its Coronavirus guidance, here.

Fraud awareness

The Commission’s Fraud awareness resources and campaign (from charity fraud awareness week in October) can be found here.

645 reports of fraud and cybercrime were received by the Commission between March and September, including concerns about people setting up fake charities to attract donations and staff diverting charitable funds into their own bank accounts. An estimated £3.6m has been lost.

There’s an article in Civil Society Media giving more details on this.

Revitalising Trusts – funding resource

The ‘Revitalising Trusts’ programme supports charities who find it hard to spend their income on the public benefit to either close or revitalise their charity. Charity trustees should discuss their charity’s future if it is hard to:

  • get new trustees
  • spend their income
  • identify beneficiaries
  • find time to run the charity

Find out how to get help for your charity from the Revitalising Trusts programme.

Charity Commission regular newsletter

The Charity Commission’s latest newsletter also contains information around the new register of charities, the transition out of the EU,

The Commission’s Annual Public Meeting took place recently, and you can find out about what occurred online.