Recently, an independent research report has identified that many communities feel under supported with the current economic support model. MP Danny Kruger presented the Levelling Up report to the Prime Minister in September 2020. He proposed greater intervention from communities. Last week, the Institute for Community Studies released a report investigating the real role of communities to date.

Why don’t they ask us?

We looked at the ‘Why don’t they ask us’ report. We read that many places which started the past two decades at the poorer end of the local economy scale are still in the bottom 20%. We see this evidenced here in Cornwall. As the voice of the community sector, we are proud of the work you do. As a result of our alliances and work with VCSEP, we know more involvement and support would help. Cornwall VSF will be releasing local data and cases studies in this area with relation to food poverty in the coming weeks.

What is the role of communities?

Many people felt that the role of communities was overlooked. The majority of ‘macro funds’ and economic interventions over the last two decades have not highlighted the role of communities in a meaningful nor sustainable way. To improve, we know that local needs and priorities need to inform national ones. We see a superb example of this working with the Integrated Care Systems model.

Over a quarter (27%) of people felt that the attempts to create equality have not been successful. Read the full report here.

What do you recommend?

The report recommends that the Levelling Up agenda needs to focus on the lower 20% first. What are your thoughts on this? We encourage you to write and let us know. We always want to hear your ideas.