An article from Adam Pearson at CornWELL

In May we examined the question “How can we sustain wellbeing throughout and beyond lockdown?” As various people and sectors emerge and reconnect, it’s time to look at some answers. Lockdown has been a rich learning experience – to put it mildly. The experiences and emotional journeys are as unique as the people that make up our communities. And yet consistent themes are emerging as to what helps. For example: staying active, and connected. And, it’s OK not to feel OK.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, CornWELL Festivals ran a series of events about Kindness. The results are summarised here and videos of all the sessions are here, if you want to find out more.

Our results suggest that kindness is in the things we do, but also in the things we think and feel. We tend to think of kindness as something we do for others much more than for ourselves. It is seen to happen in communities and at home, much more than in business (although in fact it is making a huge and measured difference here, particularly as staff return from furlough), and it’s hardly seen at all on the internet. In the future people would like to see more unity, togetherness and positive communication, including simple acts like smiling. Authorities and education can help, but these are things that we all have a role in.

What can we all do next?

CornWELL’s point of view is: conversations and connections.

Wellbeing is too complex to plan or prescribe but if we remain connected, and talk about it, communities and people can look after themselves and each other. So do what you do best: get curious, follow your nose. Have a conversation, follow a lead, try something new, give someone a call. The CornWELL community includes all sorts of people who all want to help, so have a browse our website and see where it takes you –  or give us a call – we love talking about all this.


We’d also like to thank Volunteer Cornwall and the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce for their support.