The government has launched its next phase of support for families ‘Supporting Families’, with £165m budget.

Nationally, it was previously named Troubled Families. It has been renamed Supporting Families. The name change reflects the offer of support and success of the programme, to date. The approach to support the most vulnerable in society at the earliest intervention has been successful. Over 400,000 vulnerable families have been supported to build brighter futures. The programme began in 2015. The programme has delivered significant results while reducing costs of services for the taxpayer. One third of children supported by the programme went into care. This is compared with before the programme. A quarter of adults went to prison. This demonstrates that early intervention is the key to improving outcomes for children and young people. In Cornwall, the offer is named Together for Families. This is to reflect the multi-agency work they do. Read their latest news using the link.

As a response to the programme’s success, the government has launched its next next phase. It is backed by £165 million in funding for 2021 to 2022.

The ‘Supporting Families’ programme, includes work to educate about healthy relationships. It provides support for people to leave abusive ones. It coordinates joined-up support for those with mental health issues and help people to find work.

Families are assigned a dedicated keyworker, who coordinates support. They work with every member of the family. In Cornwall, this brings local services together to resolve issues at an early stage. This helps prevent more problems later in life. This is evidenced in the reduction of children going into care, and prison admissions. Locally, Together for Families saw increased investment in HeadStart Kernow. Its pandemic response to providing support for families has been extended to provide mental health resilience for families.