Support for reopening the sector

As the country emerges from lockdown, and services begin to move out of ‘crisis mode’, the voluntary sector is considering how to resume face-to-face working, reopen buildings, and restart services which had been put on hold.

Support to keep your organisation running

Below you will find a range of tools and info to help keep your organisation running during the pandemic.


We have collated various funding resources on one page, as well as linking to other news items around funding.

We have also created an extensive list of funding sources FOR INDIVIDUALS, that organisations can apply to, or the people themselves, if they are facing hardship.

NCVO seminars and other support

The NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) has put together a raft of useful advice, and is hosting seminars around reopening and adapting services.

The NCVO has been collating quantities of useful information for third sector organisations during the pandemic.  Included in this list are government-based and independent funding resources.

Their guidance pages are being regularly updated including around the latest guidance:

They also have a series of webinars, and if you’ve missed them live, you can catch the recordings.

Business Recovery Guide 

Cornwall Council has introduced a guide for businesses to help ensure they reopen safely and trade in a responsible manner to minimise the risks from COVID19.
The guide covers the following:

  • Working Safely – Coronavirus
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Food Safety (Reopening safely)
  • Structure and maintenance
  • Health and Safety (things to think about prior to reopening)
  • Fire Safety

The guide is appropriate for all small to medium sized businesses including the leisure, office, care and retail sectors. As guidance changes it will be constantly updated so keep checking back for changes and updates.

They have also put together some webinars.  For more information see the Business Regulatory Support pages.

Cornwall Growth Hub

For specific business-related advice, including around the Business Support Grants, see Cornwall Growth Hub.  They cannot overturn decisions on grant awards, but may be able to help organisations find grants for which they do qualify, or make suggestions around meeting eligibility criteria.

Risk Assessments

We have been collecting Risk Assessment forms from organisations which have created them, and are happy to share them with others in the sector, so that we can all begin to plan our futures.

So far, we have the following to share (with thanks to those organisations):

BF Adventure  – BF Adventure Covid-19 Risk Assesment V2Covidsafe @ BF Adventure , V6 – BF Adventure – Coronavirus Management

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for ChangeGeneric Risk Assessment Projects and staff

Relaxation of the rules on insolvency

The Government has passed emergency legislation designed to protect charities and private businesses from becoming insolvent.  Find out more here.  


If your staff or volunteers need more skills to help them carry out their work, we are now publishing a list of training courses and other events, several times a week. There will also be training courses for people you are working with as well.

Apprenticeships advice for organisations

We have published extensive advice around apprenticeships – how to set them up, how to source the support you need, and the government’s funding boost for new apprentices, announced in July.

Reopening advice 

As the sector prepares to reopen as per the government’s roadmap out of lockdown you can find information below to help keep safe.

VCSE Sector Roadmap

We have pulled together a roadmap highlighting changes relevant to the sector

Tips for recommencing indoor community group gatherings

We have pulled together tips for staying Covid safe – which have been approved by infection prevention and control specialists at Cornwall Council.

Youth clubs

The National Youth Agency (NYA) has developed youth sector specific advice and guidance. The guidance will support local providers, leaders, volunteers and young people to remain safe when engaging in youth sector activities. Find out more

Village Halls reopening

CRCC is working with ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) to promote their guidance around reopening village halls.  This guidance will be updated as new information is released – it contains info around risk assessments, and ensuring that there is no risk of Legionella from water systems left untouched for months. If you are reopening your venue, let us know, so that we can promote it for you.

Guidance for services that work with educational settings

Cornwall Council has published guidance for services which work with educational settings, which you can read here: Guidance for services that work with educational settings.

Guidance for out-of-school setting providers

This guidance is for out-of-school setting providers and their staff, who provide, for children (who were under the age of 18 on 31 August 2020):

  • community activities
  • tuition
  • holiday clubs
  • breakfast and after-school clubs for children

Resources and comms assets

12 April Roadmap posters (including Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian translations)

12 April Roadmap social media assets

Coping with ‘re-entry anxiety’ as lockdown restrictions ease 

We have collected together a lot of mental health resources for staff and volunteers, and the people you’re caring for. 

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has shared tips if you’re struggling with leaving your home, seeing other people and going back to work

British Vogue has also written about re-entry anxiety and how to overcome it.

Yahoo! Sport has pulled together this article with tips on how to deal with re-entry anxiety

We also have a list of outdoor activities and resources that are reopening, to ensure that people can make the most of their time outside.