Following the swathes of media attention focused on Cornwall for the G7 summit, this week is Speak Cornish Week. An annual event to revive the language, you can read more about events here. Firstly, Cornwall is unique in its sense of community. Our above average volunteering figures support this. Secondly, an increasing number of people are speaking Cornish.

What is Speak Cornish Week?

The Week aims to get everyone speaking at least some Cornish. It is an annual event, organised by a team of volunteers at An Rosweyth. We recently made a video to showcase the thoughts and feelings of residents. We were delighted with Kernow King’s contribution. Watch the video here.

This year, the An Rosweyth team is focusing on the Cornish for thank you – ‘meur ras’. This has set the theme for this week, as it is an important time to be thankful for the care and support our communities have seen in the pandemic. The team want to hear ‘Meur ras’ messages from people all over the world. The Cornish diaspora is a widely spread community of Cornish people in various other lands. Its rich mining history sent families to Mexico, Australia, Patagonia and many more places.

A fun series of live, online and hybrid events is taking place across the Duchy to inspire people to revive the language. A full event programme is available to download as a pdf. The ‘Kalender Kernewek’ includes Cornish classes, bedtime stories read in Cornish and plenty more.

Chons Da!