People are being urged to help identify thousands of miles of lost footpaths across England and Wales before time runs out to add them to official maps.

The Ramblers said there are an estimated 10,000 miles of historic paths, which people have used for centuries, that are missing from modern maps and are at risk of being lost forever.

If they are not claimed by 2026, the Government cut-off date after which time it will no longer be possible to add them to the maps, the public’s right to access them will not be protected in the future, the walking charity warned.

Walkers, historians and map enthusiasts are being urged to become “citizen geographers” and join the search for the lost pathways before it is too late, using an online mapping tool set up by the Ramblers.

The Don’t Lose Your Way mapping project will give the Ramblers a true picture of the number of paths missing from the map, which the charity said will help it prioritise those which they should try to register with local authorities before the deadline.

You can read the full story on the ITV website, and get involved on the Ramblers website.