Information for children, young people and families

What are the risks?

Research from Public Health England (PHE) reveals there was an outbreak of coronavirus at only one in 10,000 schools when some reopened for select year groups in June. Just 67 single cases and 30 outbreaks (defined as 2 or more linked cases) were detected in schools across England in June. The research showed that cases in the wider community were more likely to be driving cases in schools, rather than the other way around.

Read the Public Health England report here.

What are the rules?

The Government guidance on reopening schools is published here

There is full advice including:

  • face coverings (recommended only in high-traffic areas, in areas of local lockdown or other high risk, but can be worn by anyone, anywhere)
  • distancing in classrooms, bubbles, staggered entrance times etc to avoid large groups of children
  • response to infection and self-isolation.

Check with the specific school or university for information around the measures that they are taking to protect their students and staff.

Cornwall Council information

Cornwall Council guidance for children changing schools at this time.

And general information about returning to school.

Mental Health

For university-level students – Student minds

For young people – Young minds and  Mind

Children, young people and parents – NSPCC

Parents – UNICEF

Specific resources about going back to school – Young minds and the Mental Health Foundation

The Government has put in place £8m of funding for more support for teacher and pupil wellbeing in schools – you can read about it here.

Practical support

Free School Meals – your child is eligible for free school meals if they are:

  • In a pre-school and you meet the eligibility criteria
  • In reception, year 1 or year 2
  • In year 3 and above if you meet the eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • The parent/ carer (or the child themselves) receives Universal Credit and certain other benefits.

You can find out the full eligibility criteria, and make an application here

School uniforms

If the cost of school uniforms is too much for the budget, check out Facebook and see if there is a clothing bank, school uniform sellers group, or other scheme operating near you that will give or sell uniforms at a reduced cost. Some schools also operate bursaries, or second-hand shops for uniform.