The DWP has written to Cornwall VSF and other local businesses with news about a public information campaign: ‘Get ready for Brexit’.

As part of the campaign, the information on GOV.UK is continuously being updated by all government departments to make sure people and businesses have the details they need to fully prepare for Brexit on 31 October. There you can use a tool, which poses you 7 simple questions, to give relevant guidance on:

  • What your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for Brexit
  • What’s changing in your industry
  • Information on specific rules and regulations

Across government we all have a role to play in making sure everyone is ready for Brexit.

The Press notice says:

We are unable to advise you what actions you may need to take. We are asking you if you’ve thought about preparing for Brexit and letting you know there is more information at This applies to England, Scotland and Wales although there is also a dedicated page for businesses in Wales.

If you have a query on what Brexit means for your EU employees, there’s the Employer’s Toolkit on supporting EU staff on

Our role is to make sure you’ve thought about the implications Brexit may have for you. There is plenty of information tailored to your business’s circumstances on