There are several current consultations that are open at the moment, that you may be able to give interesting input to.

Samaritans – suicide in middle aged men

As part of a wider programme of research, Samaritans is commissioning an evidence review to understand what works to support middle-aged and/or less well-off men who are struggling to cope or experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviour. Samaritans wants to hear from people who are funding or delivering a service or intervention that is targeting middle-aged men and/or less well-off groups. This might be a suicide prevention or wellbeing service, but they’re also interested in how other sectors or services have reached or engaged this group.  Submit evidence here


Police – powers against unauthorised encampments

Consultation on measures to criminalise trespassing when setting up an unauthorised encampment in England and Wales.  Alternatives to the current set-up are discussed. See more, and have your say on the website.

Consultation closes on 4 March 2020.


Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014: proposed amendments

A consultation around proposals to amend the regulations to ensure consistency with Energy Efficiency Directive requirements, and to extend their provisions to all heat meters for consumers on heat networks.  Those involved with housing, fuel poverty, energy efficiency, etc may be interested.

This consultation closes at


Child friendly packaging – parents’ views

The Children’s Food Campaign is holding a questionnaire around child friendly packaging, and the impact it has on parents, carers, and their children.  If you have, or shop for/with, children aged 18 months up to 17 years, especially aged 2-10, they’re interested in hearing from you.

Find out more, and follow a link to the survey, from their web page.  The survey closes on 23 December.