ONS tool around homelessness

The Office for National Statistics recently published new figures around homelessness, together with a blog to explain it, a blog around  improving the homelessness evidence base so that decision-makers have the stats to support people, and a third blog about trends in homelessness

The Government Statistical Service has also released an interactive tool that compares official statistics on homelessness and rough sleeping across the UK, with information provided on each of the four countries. Users can view comparison guidance and definitions for a number of key topics within homelessness and view the process a person may go through when seeking support for housing from a local authority.

1 in 7 are living in unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable homes

The Independent recently published an article looking at a new report from the National Housing Federation shows that more than 8 million people are affected by poor from being physically homeless to living in overcrowded conditions, or being in serious debt due to difficulties paying rent. Campaigners are asking the Government for ‘proper funding’ for social housing.

See the Independent for more info.

As an example of this, the Independent also reported on people who have been permanently rehoused in office blocks, to take them off the homelessness register, with no proper accommodation offered.

Cornwall Council survey on street cleaning and waste collection

Biffa is asking residents to take part in a survey around satisfaction with current street cleaning and waste collection, prior to the Cornwall Council waste collection contract being offered for tender shortly.  Please take part, so that the new plans can make improvements, if the current arrangements have had issues.


Cornwall Council is offering loans to help people renovate empty homes

Loans of up to £60,000 are being offered to homeowners and developers, to help them transform empty properties into usable homes that are available for full time residential use. Up to £210,000 is available for multiple properties.

The properties can be sold or rented, and the money can be used to renovate a property, or sub-divide a larger one.

See Cornwall Live for a report with examples of successful applicants,  and for information about the range of help available, contact the Council’s Empty Homes Team on 01726 223600, email  emptyhomes@cornwall.gov.uk ; or visit cornwall.gov.uk/emptyproperties