You may have read about our new Charity Search Tool last week, which is a fantastic member benefit to help you identify and be identified as charities in Cornwall. Membership to VSF offers many other new member benefits.

The team has been working on improving your Cornwall VSF member benefits.

Showcase your organisation

In addition to Charity Search Tool, one of the new member benefits we have created Case Study videos. We anticipate this being useful to our smaller, grassroots organisations which do not have a marketing team and are primarily volunteer-run. This work ties in with the opportunity to be a part of showcasing your organisation for Co-creating Cornwall’s Future.

VCSE Podcast

To get some fantastic knowledge-sharing among our registered organisations, we are launching a VSF podcast. This is one of the new member benefits that allows co-creation. It will allow members to speak for about 15 minutes on their area of expertise. We will be asking for your ideas to co-create this and identify good partnerships to bring out the best conversations. Topics such as building resilient communities, mobilising support, kindness as an economy and many more will be a part of this series. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

Share your news, notices and events

Did you know that as members you can submit news stories? Our team needs to approve them, just to ensure consistency. We can amplify your news stories, events and notices by sharing them on our website. We want this platform to be yours and support your organisation. This helps to strengthen the sector.

As members of NCVO, we have a positive reputation, and can access support nationally. We seek your views to share with local and national stakeholders, to make sure Cornwall’s VCSE sector voice is strong and loud.