Invitation to Tender – Outcomes and Process Evaluation of Cass+ Community Advice Service

The Centre for Justice Innovation and CASS+ are inviting tenders for an organisation or partnership to conduct an evaluation of the CASS+ Community Advice Service. The service provides practical help, emotional support and service signposting to members of the public attending magistrates’ court in four locations in Devon and Cornwall1.

They are seeking an evaluation which covers both process and outcomes, with a particular focus on changes to client well-being. The budget for this work is £50,000 (including VAT) and they are anticipating that the project will run from April 2020 to June 2021. The evaluator will need to provide two outputs: an interim process evaluation report to be published by October 2020 and a final outcomes report to be published by June 2021.

This evaluation is being funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation as part of a larger grant which seeks to promote the uptake of the community advice model across the UK2.

They are asking for potential providers to submit short expressions of interest by 10am on Monday 24 February.

Download the invitation to tender from the CASS+ website.