As lockdown 3 continues with no end date in sight, we wanted to find out more about what organisations in the voluntary sector were doing to address staff mental health and wellbeing, share best practice and identify any gaps.

The initial findings have been encouraging and have again highlighted the resilience within the voluntary sector to adapt and respond to ongoing challenges faced due to the ongoing pandemic.

Cornwall VSF will be continuing its work in this area in order to help support its members and ensure the voice of the sector is heard.

For now, we wanted to share some of the resources and good practice already implemented by organisations who took part in the survey to support their staff and volunteers, which can be found below.

We will be sharing these tips on our social media channels over the next week.


A list of other mental health resources available here

Other good practice examples:

  • Access to mental health courses and helplines
  • Access to mental health professionals outside of line-management structure
  • Absolute cut-offs to protect personal time
  • Mental health reminders regularly in team communications/team meetings
  • Online coffee mornings
  • 30 minutes dedicated wellbeing time available to staff
  • Built-in down-time between stressful calls/visits/activities
  • Flexible working options
  • Weekend craft afternoons
  • Regular and deliberate showing of appreciation, from managers and colleagues
  • Wellbeing packs by post
  • 5 days extra annual leave in 2020
  • Strict limits on working contracted hours only
  • ‘Treat week’ with hot meals and take-home treats (These were provided by a donor in one of our Member organisations)
  • Vaccinations to reduce staff concern for their personal health
  • Team chat times (team zoom lunches…)
  • Team fun activities (quizzes, distanced dog-walks…)

If you like the sound of any of these, we would suggest you discuss with your team to see about implementing one or two over the next month to find the most effective tool for you and your team.

We would love to hear how you get on so please get in touch to share your experiences with us.