What does Cornwall mean to you? #IamCornwall is a social media campaign to support our alternative G7 summit in June. We’re gathering stories from all communities in Cornwall, to help make all voices heard. We would like a submission from YOU! Please start with #IAmCornwall and tell us what that means to you. We will add the hashtag, so all we ask of you is to please send a clip no longer than 30 seconds and filmed in landscape mode to comms@cornwallvsf.org or WhatsApp it to 07990633615

As an incentive to motivate your staff and volunteers, we have created a suggested list of rewards. We want as many voices as possible.

Co-creating Cornwall’s Future update

Co-creating Cornwall’s Future is an online summit set to coincide with the G7 summit in June. This event is focused on nurturing and seeding ideas from all of Cornwall’s residents: children, young people and adults from a range of communities. It is a collaborative piece to engage hearts and minds of those connected to Cornwall.

While this event focuses on Cornwall, it too seeks to demonstrate some of the creative ways in which organisations and communities have worked together to improve things for those facing disadvantages.

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum has been seeking your views, garnering unrivalled pro-bono support from a list of like-minded, altruistic individuals and liaising with the community to represent stories of those wonderful people holding our communities together.