You will probably have read in the news that the government has performed a U-turn regarding the provision of free school meals vouchers to children who qualify for them during the summer holidays. (If not, see the BBC)

While this is excellent news for the 1.3 million children who it affects, there is still work to be done.  The Government is being pressured to amend the current scheme to allow more supermarkets to participate, and widening the scheme to include those who do not meet the qualifying criteria at the moment, but will do by the end of July.

Truro Diocese, Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum and End Hunger UK are leading the campaign to do more, in Cornwall.  The End Hunger Cornwall campaign is gaining momentum, and everyone is invited to join in.  Their statement says:

Whilst it is a great thing that footballer Marcus Rashford has managed to use his celebrity influence to get the long-standing holiday school meals campaign over the line, we should be very aware that without his intervention the government would have quietly and happily let 1,300,000 children go hungry all summer without batting an eyelid.

Not withstanding the millions of others who go hungry every day as a matter of course it shows the scale of the challenge and the desperate need for continued, persistent campaigning.

This isn’t getting better.

Food banks are NOT normal.

Many people of all generations go hungry in Cornwall every day and it simply isn’t acceptable.

You can get involved on the Facebook page for the group –