Various news stories recently around Health.

Pilot digital nursing telemedicine service

NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group has commissioned the digital nursing telemedicine service, which will run as a pilot project for 12 months, across 25 residential care and nursing homes.  Residents will soon be able to talk to a nurse or therapist about their care through their computer to help reduce hospital admissions. The nurse or therapist can then decide if the individual needs to be seen in person, or if their condition can be managed by care home staff.  The aim is to reduce the numbers of people being admitted to hospital for conditions such as dehydration, and urinary tract infections which can be treated at home.

The new digital nursing service is being provided by Immedicare, which is a joint venture organisation formed by Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd, which is a mature clinical service which has been supporting residential care and nursing homes throughout the UK since 2011.  It was a developed as part of the NHS England Enhancing Health in Care Homes vanguards. The Immedicare service is delivered through the UK’s first and only large-scale NHS Digital Care Centre, which is staffed by a dedicated NHS team based at Airedale General Hospital.

The service is expected to be up and running at the end of January 2020 for the homes selected for the pilot, and will be evaluated to see whether it is suitable for a wider rollout.

New C-Card scheme provider

The provider of the C-Card scheme has changed to Brook, and as part of the transition of services they are researching current C-Card outlets. If you are currently providing C-Card to people who use your service, please confirm by responding to  Email the same address if you would like to become a provider. 

Brook will be contacting C-Card outlets directly about refresher training and the introduction of a new database to record registration of service users, condom distribution and stock control in due course.

If you have any orders for registration forms, condom packs and lubricants, please send your requests to

MMR Campaign

A new campaign is being launched to encourage take-up of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccinations, which ave been dropping recently due to fears around vaccines. GP Surgeries and healthcare settings will be able to access the resources supplied by Public Health England, but it is worth being aware of the issues, in case people approach you with questions.

This is the NHS web page about the MMR Vaccine, which has further links to FAQs, and a leaflet about the vaccine as well. MMR_A5leaflet


HPV infections nearly eliminated

The number of HPV infections reported in England has fallen to almost zero, and hopes are rising that this will virtually eliminate cervical cancers caused by the virus.

In 2008, the year vaccination began, 15% of young women were infected with HPV (human papilloma virus), which circulates among sexually active people. Two types, HPV16 and 18, cause the vast majority of cervical cancers.

Data from PHE shows the infection rate dropped to 2% in 16- to 18-year-old women between 2014 and 2018. In a sample of 600 young women tested in 2018, no infections were found.

Read the full report in the Guardian online.