The Government has launched a new scheme to boost job opportunities for young people aged 16-24, by offering employers funding to take them on for six month placements.

The £2 billion Kickstart Scheme will put young people at the heart of the economic recovery by supporting young people at risk of long term unemployment into six month placements across the private, public and charity sectors

The restrictions on the scheme mean that employers can only take placements of 30 or more people, but group applications are encouraged, for smaller employers.

For many young people, a lack of real-world work experience can be a barrier to even getting a foot on the jobs ladder. That is why it’s critical to take steps to help young people gain experience, build skills and boost their career prospects through the Kickstart Scheme.

It is open to employers of all sizes to create new Kickstart roles, and the DWP is encouraging them them to get involved, take advantage of government backing and give potential a chance. Representative organisations, local charities and other groups will also be able to act as intermediaries to help smaller employers apply for the Kickstart Scheme.

Employers will need to show that the Kickstart role is an additional job that will provide the experience and support a young person needs to improve their chances of permanent employment.  Funding available for each job will cover the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week, plus the associated employer National Insurance contributions and employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions where applicable.  There is also additional £1,500 funding to set up support and training for people on a Kickstart placement, as well as helping pay for uniforms and other set up costs.

The first participants will take up Kickstart roles from November, and it is anticipated that the scheme will remain open until December 2021 with the final cohort of six month roles to end in Summer 2022.

Full details of the Kickstart Scheme are now available on the website.

Cornwall VSF is working with partners around joint applications, so please get in touch if you are interested, and we will make sure you are part of the conversation.