Funding Sources

When looking for funding for your organisation, and for the individuals you work with, we suggest that you start with Cornwall Council’s funding page, and also look at other funding resources:

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council has a resource section for voluntary organisations, and those looking to volunteer, which includes some funding information.  Their Councillors’ Community Chest scheme is open for organisations that are not formally constituted (eg Mutual Aid groups). 

Town and Parish Councils

Town and Parish councils have small budgets for voluntary organisations in their own areas, which include funding for charitable community efforts, within the statutory frameworks of the councils, for example community buildings, recreation, education, that specifically benefit those in their parish or town area.

On the Cornwall Council website there is a full list of all the town and parish councils, with contact details, or a file to download.  You can find which council is applicable via the Council’s mapping site. Anyone can approach the clerk to ask what their grant funding mechanism is, and get an application form. It is key to evidence the benefit to the local population. (Example: a youth club in St Austell applying for funding from the council covering Charlestown, because Charlestown’s young people can be proved to go to it/are interested). 


NCVO – National Council for Voluntary Organisations

The NCVO has been collating quantities of useful information for third sector organisations during the pandemic.  Included in this list are government-based and independent funding resources.


GRIN – Grant Resources Information News

GRIN is an independent organisation dedicated to signposting funding resources to not-for-profit organisations, with a focus on South-west organisations (they’re based in Devon). It has a useful blog on its website, and sends a daily funding bulletin to members, with the latest news and opened funding pots. The daily newsletter costs £15/year for individuals, and £25 for organisations with multiple subscribers, and the website is free to access.  In May, the website included an alphabetical list of COVID-19 funding providers, in the blog, spread across 3 days – A-E, F-M, N-Z. There is plenty of additional information elsewhere in the blog, and Cornwall VSF receives the newsletter, so we can highlight interesting developments.


Rural Funding Digest

The Rural Services Network publishes information specific to rural communities, and the challenges we face. In addition to news around parliament, and other issues, they publish a Rural Funding Digest every month, which you can sign up to receive, for free, or find on their website here.


Transformation Cornwall

Transformation Cornwall have compiled a list of funding sources for foodbanks, grassroots organisations and faith based social action projects.


Key funding resources

The major local funder, in addition to Cornwall Council, is Cornwall Community FoundationThe CCF Covid-19 Emergency Fund has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from local donations, as well as a share of money donated via the National Emergencies Trust, and other national funding programmes.  This Fund supports organisations, and has a linked list of other organisations that could help groups which fall outside their eligibility criteria. Non-constituted groups can apply to this fund, if Community Chest funding is not available in their area.

The National Lottery Community Fund is also distributing government funding and has a simplified application process at this time.


Data to support your funding bids

Funders always appreciate statistics to back up your funding bids, whether demographic data around the areas you operate, or about the needs of the populations you work with. We have compiled a list of useful data sources that can help you convince funders of the merits of your project.

Weekly list of interesting, open funds

Every Friday, we publish a funding list and send this out via our newsletter.

We have collated these onto a single page of links.