29 November is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, organised by NEA (National Energy Action) to raise awareness of the problem of fuel poverty and the solutions available.

NEA will be using the day to launch their Warm and Safe Homes Campaign, as well as highlight some key asks of a new Government ahead of the forthcoming General Election. As there’s currently a 7-way BBC election debate scheduled to take place that evening they will also be putting out some material particularly aimed at having fuel poverty or related issues feature in the debate.  Overall they want to demonstrate that fuel poverty isn’t right, but it can be solved.

If you are planning any activity on social media, please use the hashtags the NEA has created: #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay and #WarmSafeHomes.

NEA’s social media platforms are:

  • Twitter: @NEA_UKCharity
  • Instagram: @NEA_UKCharity
  • LinkedIn: National Energy Action
  • Facebook: National Energy Action

What can you do?

NEA has developed a media pack with many resources for you to share over the course of the day. There’s further information on the aims of the day and how they relate to content of the media pack below. You can access the media pack here. If you are struggling to access the media pack, please contact Michael.potter@nea.org.uk. You are, of course welcome to create and share your own materials too.

You can also promote the support available to people in your local area by sharing our infographics and videos which will offer them more details about how they can receive support. Resources produced by NEA are available to download using the Dropbox link. Resources include:

  • Videos covering topics such as switching, income maximization and bill paying.
  • Infographics with key stats regarding Fuel Poverty.
  • Some soundbites of case studies of those living in Fuel Poverty.
  • Template press releases for you to adapt and send to local media outlets (note there are different versions for England and Wales).

The tools are available to help you outline the scale of the problem of Fuel Poverty in the UK to the public and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates by highlighting the Excess Winter Deaths in each region. Content will be updated with the latest Excess Winter Mortality figures (this week) and will include videos showing excess winter deaths in each region.

  • Highlight NEA’s Manifesto for Warmth to Prospective Parliamentary Candidates
  • Promote the manifesto which can be found here.
  • NEA also has a video with a short summary of NEA’s key asks.
  • And a video explaining to PPCs why it is so vital to consider those in Fuel Poverty during campaigning.

What’s next?

There is a host of useful information , for stakeholders and the public, on the NEA website.