An electoral review in Cornwall Council has formally commenced.

An electoral review will decide four things:

  • Total number of councillors elected to the council.
  • Boundaries of all electoral divisions represented by councillors.
  • Number of councillors elected to each division.
  • The name of each division.

Before new division boundaries are drawn across Cornwall, the Commission will take a view on the total number of councillors for the council in the future. The commission has proposed that 87 councillors should be elected to Cornwall Council in the future.

You can find a copy of the letter to the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council and a paper about the consultation here. 

The closing date for submissions on councillor numbers is 7th August. Once all the representations have been considered, they will publish their formal view and open a new phase of consultation on division boundaries.

Following this the Commission will begin a public consultation on new warding arrangements. This consultation is expected to run from 26 September 2017 to 4 December 2017.

After considering all representations made during this consultation, the Commission intends to publish draft recommendations in March 2018. There will then be a further period of consultation on the draft recommendations. Final recommendations are expected to be published in July 2018. The new electoral arrangements will come into effect at the local elections in 2021.

How to get involved?
This is a public consultation and Cornwall Council welcome views from individuals and organisations across Cornwall on how many councillors should be elected to Cornwall Council. Council size is the starting point of the review as this decides the optimum number of electors each councillor should represent. It is therefore important the Commission is able to reach views on the appropriate council size for Cornwall Council before proposals are invited on electoral arrangements.

Questions to consider
Those taking part in the consultation may wish to consider the following questions;
1. Do you think 87 is the right number of councillors to be able to take decisions effectively?
2. Would a council size of 87 enable the Council to represent the interests of all Cornwall’s communities?
3. If you don’t agree that Cornwall should be represented by 87 councillors, what would your alternative number be, and why?

The Commission will treat all submissions equally and will judge each case on its merits and against the statutory criteria. If you wish to put forward a view, Cornwall Council would also urge you to ensure that evidence supports your submission.

More advice and information can be found at or you can email your views to, follow on twitter at @lgbce or write to Review Officer (Cornwall), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 14th Floor Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP.