Further to our Election updates, we have been sourcing copies of the manifestos for the major parties, in particular their Easy Read editions.

We offer no commentary on the issues discussed, due to the requirement to be seen as even handed.

Parties’ manifestos

Conservative party – all 6 constituencies

Manifesto web page.  PDF available to download from their website, with a separate costings plan.  Highlights given. Easy Read version available on request (we have, just not received it yet – will update when we get it). Braille, large print and audio on request.

Labour party – all 6 constituencies

Manifesto web page.  No alternative versions mentioned yet, but they had an Easy Read version for 2017, so there may be one in the pipeline

Liberal Democrats – all 6 constituencies

Manifesto web page. Various other formats available on that page, including audio, clear print, and Lib Dems Easy Read manifesto. BSL to follow.

Green Party – all 6 constituencies

Manifesto web page. Green party EasyRead Manifesto 2019, summary also in Welsh, with other versions coming soon.

Liberal Party – all 6 constituencies

Manifesto PDF download.  No other versions mentioned.

Mebyon Kernow – Newquay and St Austell seat only

No manifesto document, but details of policies on website. No alternative formats offered.

The Common People – St Ives seat only

Unable to find information on this party.


United Response Easy Read party manifestos

United Response have produced their own Easy Read versions of the parties’ manifestos, which can be found on their website.  At time of writing, they were busy making the Brexit party’s version, but had created these:


Who is standing where?

constituencies listed in alphabetical order, candidates listed in alphabetical order, as they will appear on the ballot papers.

Camborne and Redruth – George Eustice (standing MP) – Con, Paul Farmer – Lab, Paul Holmes – Liberal, Karen La Borde – Green, Florence MacDonald – Lib Dem

North Cornwall – Joy Bassett – Lab, Danny Chambers – Lib Dem, Elmars Liepins – Liberal, Scott Mann (standing MP) – Con

South East Cornwall – Gareth Derrick – Lab, Martha Green – Green, Jay Latham – Liberal, Colin Martin – Lib Dem, Sheryll Murray (standing MP) – Con

St Austell and Newquay – Richard Byrne – Liberal, Dick Cole – MK, Steve Double (standing MP) – Con, Collin Harker – Green, Felicity Owen – Lab,   Tim Styles – Lib Dem

St Ives –  Alana Bates – Lab, Ian Flindall – Green, Andrew George – Lib Dem, John Harris – The Common People, Robert Smith – Liberal, Derek Thomas (standing MP) – Con

Truro and Falmouth – Jennifer Forbes – Lab, Ruth Gripper – Lib Dem, Cherilyn Mackrory – Con, Paul Nickolson – Liberal, Tom Scott – Green