Cornwall VSF is undertaking research to uncover the true economic impact of the voluntary sector in Cornwall.

The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) has published a new report. It reveals the outstanding contribution to the economy made by the community sector. You are helping to build a fairer society.

What is the economic impact of the voluntary sector?

In the Power in Purpose report, TNLCF details the impact two million volunteers have had on the economy. We (the community sector) have contributed an impressive £4 billion to the UK.

 We regularly post about the social impact of the sector and we are proud of it being the second largest employer in Cornwall. Of the 2300 charities registered in the Duchy, there are 5,259 registered paid roles and 119,874 volunteers. We recognise that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number has been far greater. The turnover for charities in Cornwall is £346,093,685. The total figure for

Why do people give so much?

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons, including reducing isolation and loneliness. In our team, Ellen gives several hours per week to the Wave Project, a charity which supports children and young people via surf therapy. She describes this experience as being somewhere she has met other people. It also supports the children and increases their confidence. Laura joined Age UK’s campaign to help end loneliness by telephone befriending a lady in her nineties in Falmouth. She said, “We would chat about her dogs and the adventures she went on. It was a great way to stay connected in the first lockdown.”