Doughnut economics is a new way of looking at the economy. It seeks to place value on the interlocking relationship between the environment, economy and health. this is the same model our Co-creating Cornwall’s Future event will follow. To create a holistic society and economy, that is not so reliant on GDP. For this reason, it could not be more relevant to the VCSE sector’s recovery. We need to build back better, after the impacts of Covid-19.

Doughnut Economics recognises that human behaviour impacts what we do. This can be nurtured to be cooperative and caring or it can be competitive and individualistic. Systemic change is need to transform it from its current space to its potential. This is dependent on economies, societies, and the rest of the living world. Doughnut Economics recognises that these are complex, interdependent systems that are best understood through the lens of systems thinking. 

The Doughnut Economics Action Lab was formed to put ideas into action. Their teams work with organisations and communities to co-create resilient communities, share ideas and transform social thinking into social doing.

Cornwall VSF is excited to announce a workshop which focuses on Co-creating playfully serious ways of turning Doughnut Economics into transformative action. Rob Shorter, Communities & Art Lead at DEAL will lead a workshop at the virtual event, taking place on Friday 11 June.

We encourage all of our members and the community to submit your questions to Rob in advance of the conference. These are welcome in any way you would like, including emailing, sending in recorded Q&As as voice notes, videos or any other creative ways. Our WhatsApp is 07990633615.