Digital resources for charities

We have been asked to find information for small charities around online meetings and presenting.

Charity Digital

Charity Digital have a series of useful blogs, including:

How to use Zoom

Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams

They have also produced a very helpful guide for charities around webinars, looking at every aspect from enrolment and registering to screen sharing, communication between participants and recording the session. You can read their full article here.

They also have a host of content around matters digital, including best digital survey tools, best social media management tools, how to get discounted tech for your charity, and more.
*Charity Digital allows you to access 3 blogs without registering, so register, or choose your 3 with care!


Catalyst has some resources around working remotely, and different online meeting platforms:

Cyber Security and Digital Fundraising info hubs

Charity Digital have introduced new Hubs, with everything you need to know about cyber security and digital fundraising, in one place. There is expert advice to support you, and updates with key trends, and both hubs are updated every week, so you’re always up to date. 

Each hub is split into four sections:

  • The essentials
  • tools and resources
  • training and skills
  • sector learning

Cyber Security Hub

Digital Fundraising Hub


The NCVO Knowhow community has an extensive list of resources, including a whole section looking at IT. Their ‘Delivering Activities and Services section contains all kinds of information around safeguarding, data protection, and more, here.

Other sources

Super tech blog Tech Soup produced an article about Teams, and how to get started with it, in April, here.

The Lloyds Bank Foundation held a webinar in May looking at ‘adapting your services and moving them online’. You can watch the whole thing (1hr 26 minutes) here.

Getting your community group online

CRCC has published a helpful newsletter around getting your community group online, overcoming technical limitations, and what you can do with an online community group. You can download it here.