St Paul’s Cathedral has set up an online memorial service, to allow bereaved family members and friends to honour loved ones who have died of the coronavirus.
You can create a page for an individual, which will become part of a national memorial, and take a physical form, eventually, within the cathedral.

In the Dean’s welcome, he explains that the book of remembrance is for all:

‘You and the person you love could be of any religious faith, or none. The person who has died could be of any age, or any set of personal circumstances and does not have to be a British citizen. They will have been diagnosed with or suspected of dying from the COVID-19 virus, or their death was as a direct result of the pandemic.

This has been an experience shared by so many people across the United Kingdom. All those whose loved ones have died as a result of the pandemic have been affected by restrictions on travel and gathering together. Across the country, we have all experienced changes which will affect most of us for years to come.

In the pages of this book we can record and remember those who have touched our lives. We can share our sorrow, and also our thanks for all that those we loved brought to our lives and the lives of others. As a community we can in this way express our compassion and support for those who suffer loss, and remember the sorrows and sacrifices of others.’

Find out more from the BBC and on the Remember Me website.