Cornwall Council has three consultations open at present, if you wish to make your thoughts known on these subjects.

Budget consultation

The Council would like to hear your views on their draft budget and get an understanding of your priorities, needs and aspirations for their services and your community.

Closes 29 January 2020.

Have a detailed look at the Council’s proposed budget, including areas of cost savings and greater investment.

Points to note include:

  • raising council tax, including specifically for the funding of Adult Social Care
  • income generation from car parks and other sources,
  • investment for caring for vulnerable older people
  • increased funding for children, schools and families,
  • housing for local people
  • tackling the climate emergency

Find out more, and have your say on the Budget engagement page.


Planning Feedback Survey

The Council would like to know what you think about their planning services to gain a better understanding of how they are performing and to look at where they need to improve to be able to provide better services.

This is an annual survey around planning permission, advice, and consultations with the planning service, for use by people who have had contact with the planning service in the last year.

Find out more, and have your say on the Planning survey page.


Emergency Response consultation

As part of a yearly refresh of the Council’s Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), they are seeking feedback on the current local response standards to ensure that their emergency response targets are realistic and achievable.

Closes 6 March 2020. 

All Fire and Rescue Services in England are required to develop an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), which identifies and assesses all foreseeable fire and rescue related risks and sets out how they plan to mitigate these risks. Integrated risk management plans are required to cover a minimum of a three-year period.

Integrated risk management planning is designed to give fire and rescue services the flexibility to use resources in the most effective way to save lives, improve public safety and reduce emergency incidents.

Find out more, and have your say on the IRMP page.


A39 Camelford bypass

Postponed consultation events will be taking place in Camelford and Delabole around the preferred route for the A39 around Camelford.  The proposals aim to tackle congestion and improve air quality, as well as ‘unblock’ the A39 as the main route from north Cornwall to north Devon and provide a catalyst for improving Camelford town centre and the local economy.

Events will take place on:

  • Friday 24 January – 12 noon to 8pm, Main Hall, Camelford Hall, Clease Road PL32 9QX
  • Saturday 25 January – 10am to 2pm, Main Hall, Camelford Hall, Clease Road PL32 9QX
  • Tuesday 4 February – 12 noon to 8pm, St John’s Church, Delabole PL33 9AA

Find out more on the council’s News page.


Future consultations

Consultations will be opening soon about Housing strategy, and ‘2050 and beyond’.