Since the middle of May, Cornwall Council has been publishing a weekly newsletter looking at data relating to the coronavirus pandemic, and its impact in economic, social and environment terms, from both national and local sources.

This contains a huge array of useful and highly detailed information, with links to the sources, which would be invaluable for writing funding bids, or strategic future planning.

You can find more on the Council’s website, and also sign up to receive the newsletter weekly.

Highlights from the issue circulated on 1 July are:

Economic –

  • migrants unable to access benefits
  • 1.3 million households in council tax arrears
  • lowest socio-economic group households hit the hardest, financially
  • local figures around numbers accessing support

Health & social care

  • mental health crisis around the corner, especially in the Shielding cohort,
  • ‘state of emergency’ for fostering children


  • huge support for putting nature at the heart of recovery planning