Yesterday, Her Majesty The Queen gave her opening of parliament speech. Within this, Boris Johnson’s government set out their plans for the coming parliament. The Queen’s speech is written by ministers and sets out plans for the coming parliament.

What did the speech say?

Firstly, you may watch a video of the Queen’s Speech via BBC YouTube.

Secondly, Her Majesty The Queen addressed our nation in a pared down version of the usual ceremony. She said, “Legislation will support the voluntary sector, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and releasing additional funds for good causes.” We anticipate this means additional funding will be put to use, from the Dormant Assets Bill. The Queen sees public and voluntary service as one of the most important elements of her work.

What is notable for Cornwall?

In response, Cornwall VSF’s CEO Helen Boardman said,

“This pandemic has affected everyone. Cornwall has seen a devastating impact on children, young people and families, and the most vulnerable members of our society. We welcomed the Government’s commitment to Supporting Families and we are blessed with an incredible network of organisations doing their best to support that here in Cornwall. Cornwall VSF is keen to see this supported by work which tackles the crisis in mental health and provides community-based support to all families.

“We welcome the commitment to a Victim’s Law to support those who have experiences sexual and domestic abuse.”

“Since my role began on day one of the first Coronavirus lockdown, I have said that the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector here in Cornwall is unique and strong. Their upholding presence helps to keep communities resilient during the hardest parts of the pandemic. It was these organisations that made sure no person went hungry, cold and uncared for, and in challenging times they provide a safety net for the most vulnerable in society. I’m pleased the Government recognises this and is committed to further support for the voluntary sector. We will be watching this space to see how this unfolds.”