We are delighted to finally launch our new updated Members page, after months of work updating the database, and the back end of the website.

You can find the new page here where you can search for Members by the subject areas which they serve (eg culture, employment, environment, housing and related services – and more.  There are 15 subject areas, and ‘other’ for you to search.

You can also search by name, location or by zooming in on the map to break up the ‘clustering’.  You can narrow your search by looking for a location and specific topics, and hopefully find one or more of our Members who can help.

If you click on any of the map pins, you will find the details of the organisation represented, with title, address and contact details.  If we have a logo for that organisation, that will appear also, otherwise you’ll see our logo, greyed out. Clicking fully in the map pin information will take you tot he information page for that organisation.


If you are curious about the details we hold for your organisation, please do check.  Each organisation’s details are composed of the information that you provided to us when we contacted you all for our audit, earlier in the year.  If anything has changed, or you want to add more detail, please do drop us a line.

We hope you like the updated page, and find it useful.  If you come across any snags, please drop us a line, and we will do our best to fix them.