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What is You in the News?

We have created the You in the News feature to highlight the exciting community work you are doing. You can submit your news using the form on the website, or by contacting our communications team. We are looking for organisations whose response to Covid-19 isolation has helped Cornwall tackle loneliness.

How is Cornwall tackling loneliness?

Loneliness should not be taboo. May of us felt isolated and lonely as a result of the pandemic. We were all asked to reduce who we saw, and were unable to attend groups and sports. Many of these things help us to feel connected. Anything from a club to a support group can be fantastic ways to tackle loneliness. We have seen examples of amazing projects doing this across Cornwall and we want to feature you!

Organisations have used funding to create free craft sessions, held beach cleans and many other creative solutions. Please let our Comms team know what you have been up to and we will try to arrange a visit, to create a positive story about Cornwall tackling loneliness. comms@cornwallvsf.org