Press Release from the our Safeguarding Children Partnership

Tackling the exploitation of children and young adults in Cornwall is a shared priority of Our Safeguarding Children Partnership, Safer Cornwall and the Safeguarding Adults Board.

We know more needs to be done to make sure that children and young adults at risk of and experiencing exploitation receive the right support and ensure that exploitation is effectively identified, prevented and disrupted.  To help focus efforts in Cornwall we have launched a new three year Exploitation Strategy for children and young adults aged up to 25.

John Clements the Independent Chair of the Our Safeguarding Children Partnership says:

“Children and young people in our area are not immune to being exploited. Initially our efforts were directed at children who were being sexually exploited but we have learned exploitation is much wider and children are also exploited through dangerous drug networks and criminal gangs.

Our new strategy is designed to improve our response even further and to make sure we move ahead of those issues that threaten the safety and wellbeing of our children.  The new plans will see us combating exploitation through a wide range of initiatives, all of which combined will make our area much safer.

The response in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has developed and I am confident we are doing a good job when we know a child or young person is at risk of being exploited, however, we don’t always know it is happening.  We need members of the public to help us identify those situations we are not aware of”.

Cornwall Exploitation Strategy MARCH 2020

Cornwall Exploitation Strategy Supporting Evidence 2020-23

You can download a poster and leaflet around Child Sexual Exploitation here: