Cornwall Council has published a draft budget, which Councillors will discuss next week, to cover the costs of the extra spending during to support the county during the pandemic.

The Council’s press release says the draft budget “prioritises critical frontline services, the most vulnerable residents and investment in Cornwall’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic in the face of unprecedented financial uncertainty”.

The Outline budget proposes a council tax rise of 1.99%, but there remains some uncertainty around the level of Government funding that will be available.

You can read the full press release here, and see a copy of the budget papers on the Council’s Meetings portal. The budget papers are point 6 on the agenda, and can be downloaded.

Budget headlines

Residents do not want things to go back to ‘the way things were’, so this opportunity is being taken to change things.

“Our promises to our residents and staff as we go through this transformation programme are:

  • We will do the basics of running the Council really well ensuring that
    more available money is focused on your priorities for service delivery.
    This will require significant amounts of internal re-design and the use of
    automation to make processes more efficient.
  • We will re-design services for residents so that we can deliver them as
    efficiently as possible, but we will tailor these services so that those
    who need them most can access them more easily recognising that the
    use of technology is not always the answer for some residents.

5 priority areas:

  • Healthy Cornwall
  • Homes for Cornwall
  • Connecting Cornwall
  • Green and Prosperous Cornwall
  • Democratic Corwnall

More information will be shared about the details of the draft budget, and any consultations on the contents, as they become available. You can watch the full council meeting at which the draft budget is discussed, via the Council’s Teams portal, here.