Cornwall Council ‘s budget proposal has been accepted in full by a full council meeting this week.  It includes several exciting proposals that will benefit many people in the County, and will be funded by an increase in council tax of 1.99%, alongside the Government’s 2% increase ringfenced for Adult Social Care.

Reducing the time people spend in hospital

Cornwall Council has approved a new plan to reduce the amount of time people spend in hospital, by creating a better service to help strengthen the care market.

Following its purchase of Trefule nursing home, in St Day recently, the Council will also be investing £825,000 in the STEPS service, which helps people get back on their feet after a stay in hospital. The annual spend on these services will see an increase from £4.7m per year to £5.5m.  A new care company will be established within the Corserv group, Cornwall Council’s arms-length group of companies, which will employ 300 staff and deliver around £10.5m of services each year.

You can see the press release about it on the Cornwall Council website, and view the full report here.

Real Living Wage for Council staff

Council staff will be paid at least the Real Living Wage, £9 /hour, instead of £7.70 per hour, the National Minimum Wage.

Plans are also under way to help Penzance become England’s first Real Living Wage Accredited town, see the Council website for more details.

Climate Action

£20m set aside for the climate action plan, including the Forest for Cornwall, retrofitting homes to improve energy efficiency, changing planning processes to ensure the climate is at the heart of decisions made, and improving footpaths and cycleways to reduce short car journeys.

Children and Early Years

Increased funding for children schools and families in Cornwall, up 6%, and putting £13m of capital to improve school buildings.

Local homes for local people

Building more good quality homes for local people, with an extra 1,000 homes directly through the council.

Rural transport

Improving 4,500 miles of rural road, with an extra £10 million each year for road repairs for 3 years.

Waste and recycling

Investing in a new waste service to encourage every resident to cut down on their plastic and recycle more.

You can read the press statement issued after the Council meeting on 25 February here.

More information about the proposals was given here in the preliminary statement.