Cradle, a national charity that supports the NHS and bereaved parents who are receiving care during or following early pregnancy loss, launched in Treliske Hospital at the end of April.

One of the projects is the ‘comfort bag’ project where the charity donate reusable bags filled with toiletries to local hospitals so that families suffering an early pregnancy loss have essentials to hand when they come in as needing an emergency hospital stay. One of the most important thing in the comfort bag is the Dear Friend letter which signposts to their online support groups.

These bags are made up by each ambassador relying solely on donated toiletries by the public and a few companies willing to help.

Currently just one volunteer works on her own to gather these items together, make up the bags and courier them to Treliske (keeping within social distancing guidelines).

Cradle in Cornwall are currently looking for local and online businesses to help in three ways:

  • Offer a raffle prize or make a donation to Cradle to fund the national service
  • Donate toiletries for the ‘comfort bags’
  • Sponsor empty comfort bass and the Dear Friend letter leaflets – if you’d like to do this, please get in touch with Louise Zeniou on

If anyone else would like to help, they can also donate toiletries for the comfort bags, or they can donate via an Amazon wishlist here and here. 

For more information visit the Cradle: Cornwall Facebook page or contact Emma Pearce on