Firstly, we welcome in the month of May. The whole month is dedicated to local and community history. Recently, we wrote about volunteering in Cornwall and how it is a way of life. We recognised that Cornwall has a long history of philanthropy. Just walking through any Cornish town, we see Passmore Edwards, Stephen Hawker, or the Fox family. These are all names of people who contributed to communities in Cornwall. Looking back to our history helps to shape our future. But what lessons can we learn?

History of communities in Cornwall

With communities in Cornwall spanning its misty moors and craggy coast paths, so we Cornish have community in our hearts. Our historic industries of fishing and mining are both close-knit. They each thrive on solid communication and community. Communicating information about a good catch made our fishing industry resilient and collaborating gave miners a better life. So, these industries shaped our sense of community in Cornwall.

Communities now

The pandemic has affected everyone differently. We have seen impressive community collaboration efforts to ensure no one goes hungry. So we know that the VCSE sector is instrumental in this. Boris Johnson recognised it in his response to Danny Kruger and our membership recognises it daily.

Communities in the future

One of our greatest focuses is creating resilient communities in the future. We want to create conditions for a stronger civil society. One of the speakers at our upcoming event, Cassie Robinson believes narratives create communities. And the stories we tell create our truth. We want to create powerful positive stories and celebrate our sector. Let’s celebrate new narratives which put new thinking in their heart. And let’s work together so we can show our community spirit. Let’s co-create.