We are encouraging as many groups as possible to take part in Challenge Poverty Week which happens between October 11 to 17.

Sometime that week can you invite a local leader to visit your project – An MP,  Cornwall Councillor or local Town/Parish councillor to visit with two aims

1. To show case the important and excellent work you and your team are doing

2. To highlight the reasons / causes behind why those you are helping get into difficulties and often find it so hard to move on

For more information about the week in Cornwall please contact

Andrew Howell endhungercornwall@gmail.com or

Andrew Yates Andrew.Yates@truro.anglican.org

If you organise an event if possible please take a photo and do a short write up and send in to Rosey.Sanders@truro.anglican.org   for a collection of Cornwall Wide events

More Information at www.church-poverty.org.uk https://challengepoverty.co.uk/

Challenge Poverty Week is co-ordinated by Church Action on Poverty and  is an opportunity for us all to say what needs to change after Covid to enable our own communities to thrive. It’s a chance for voices that are too often ignored to be heard loud and clear. It’s a chance to show that it is possible to build a better, more compassionate society in which everyone can live life to the full. And it’s a chance to start that journey, together, now.

  • To raise voices in unison against poverty and shine a light on visions for a more just, compassionate and opportunity-filled country.
  • To show what is already being done at community level to challenge and alleviate poverty.
  • To change the conversation around poverty and help end the stigma.
  • To build awareness and support for sustainable responses to the pandemic that focus on enhancing the dignity and agency of people in poverty.