There are a number of campaigns around rebuilding better, subsequent to the crisis caused by the pandemic.

At Cornwall VSF, we have been seeking the views of sector leaders around questions posed by Boris Johnson to Danny Kruger MP, concerning the place of the voluntary sector in the health and social care sector. We will keep you posted around the response we receive to these, and any policy changes that result.


There are other campaigns, and while we’re not endorsing one of these above any others, we are simply drawing people’s attention to them – make your choices about which, if any, you want to support.


Build Back Better is a coalition of organisations and individuals united by the collective ambition for the UK to come out of this crisis a stronger, fairer, greener country. The coalition is calling for a new settlement that protects vital public services, repairs inequalities, creates secure and rewarding jobs, and prepares us for the climate and environmental emergency. You can support this initiative by signing the statement and sharing using #BuildBackBetter. See more here


The Time is NOW

Local MP Derek Thomas is part of a campaign called ‘The Time is Now’, with thousands of people speaking to their MPs about the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus, particularly looking at climate change, nature’s decline, creating jobs, and protecting the most vulnerable int eh UK and around the world. You can read the declaration on Derek Thomas’s Facebook page.