Charities across the sector are joining a campaign asking the government to temporarily raise the amount that is claimable under Gift Aid, as an emergency measure to bolster charities.  At present, gift aid is claimed back at 25%, so a donation of £1 is worth £1.25 to the recipient organisation.  The campaign is asking for the amount to be raised to 33%, for two years, meaning that a £1 donation becomes £1.33.

The campaign is supported by many sector umbrella groups, including the NCVO, Small Charities Coalition, the Charity Retail Association and more. The coalition estimates that this move could help charities to access an additional £450 million of much needed cash. It also includes changes to the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme to ensure it benefits all.

To read their proposal document, click here to download: Briefing-Gift-Aid-Emergency-Relief-Package-2

For more information or to sign your charity up as a supporter of this campaign, please contact either campaigns@cafonline.org or DanielF@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk.

Lend your support online via Facebook, and the Charities Aid Foundation’s page, and see their press statement.